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One pound of Freshly Made Marzipan paste (priced per pound)

One pound of Freshly Made Marzipan paste (priced per pound)

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North Americas famous traditional number one marzipan paste!


Popular around the world, marzipan has countless variations: In Germany, sugar and almonds are ground into a paste; in France, syrup sweetens the mixture; and in the Middle East, marzipan includes a dash of rose water. This homemade marzipan uses almond paste, powdered sugar, regular sugar —and comes together in a few minutes. It has a sweet, nutty flavor and a soft texture.

Since this marzipan has an almond paste base, you won't need any raw or blanched almonds (unless you make your own almond paste, of course). You'll love its smooth texture and delicate flavor, which can be enhanced with some almond extract. Feel free to get creative with your marzipan: Use it on celebration cakes or form it into adorable, edible animals or fruits. This recipe makes enough marzipan to cover one layer cake.

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